1st Edition of the Madrid International Festival of Light

International Festival of Light MADRID 2021 29, 30 and 31 October From 8 to 12

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Madrid and its characteristic sky. Madrid and its buzzing cultural scene. Madrid… and its nights. Whether your visit to the capital was fleeting or Madrid is the place you call home, when night falls in the capital, the city glows with a light we have all felt. This autumn, the Madrid City Council proposes letting this light grow into pure enjoyment and art, encouraging it to shine brightly as dusk settles at the end of each day, as the streets of the capital welcome a brilliant experience to which everyone is invited.

As autumn approaches, the days are getting shorter and the nights are drawing in. We are reclaiming our streets, and Madrid has for us the most beautiful way to celebrate. Welcome to LuzMadrid: a unique, exceptional opportunity to rediscover the city’s nightscape, to see its streets, squares, monuments, emblematic landmarks and lesser-known spots in a new light. Shining brighter than we could have every imagined, it is with immense enthusiasm, excitement and delight that we recover the magical nights we so truly enjoy.

LuzMadrid will be the first edition of the International Festival of Light in the capital, within the framework of the prestigious network of Festivals of Light held in various cities throughout the European Union, including Lyon, Frankfurt, Brussels, Lisbon, Tallinn, Eindhoven, Turin, and more. Madrid will now form part of a cultural tradition that dates back to the mid 90s, in which light shines brightly for all to see and the nights become glowing celebrations of art and creativity.


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Madrid City Council's Department of Culture, Tourism and Sport makes the LuzMadrid 2021 posters created by Quim Marin Studio available for download. Downloads are only authorised for domestic use. Express authorisation must be obtained for any other use. © MADRID DESTINO CULTURA TURISMO Y NEGOCIO, S.A., 2021

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