1st Edition of the Madrid International Festival of Light

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Objectives of the LuzMadrid Sustainability Strategy

The main objective of the Madrid International Festival of Light Sustainability Strategy is to prevent, reduce and/or offset the event’s environmental impact through a range of measures and sustainable actions, while attempting to create a positive legacy in the city of Madrid.

At the same time, the festival’s organisers place great importance on compliance with the requirements set out in the Air Quality and Sustainability Ordinance (OCAS) issued by Madrid City Council’s Directorate-General for Sustainability and Environmental Control. This ordinance entered into effect in 2021 and is the result of the relative concern over the environmental, social and economic impact of events organised in the city of Madrid. Said ordinance has been established as the legislative framework that will serve to promote new, more responsible forms of event management that make a firmer commitment to the area of Madrid and its citizens.

The festival’s organisers also consider it essential for LuzMadrid to be an event that is compatible with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda, given that culture in general and cultural events in particular have a duty to support sustainable development and to spearhead -leading by example- policies, strategies and actions which are directly and indirectly in line with the goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Finally, LuzMadrid’s Sustainability Strategy aims to gather the information necessary to help improve the sustainability of future events held in the city of Madrid and to serve as a mechanism of accountability to citizens by communicating measures taken as well as their results, contributing to raising citizens’ awareness.

LuzMadrid’s Sustainability Policy and Commitments

LuzMadrid’s Sustainability Policy is based on the following 14 commitments, made by the festival’s organisers in view of its characteristics with the aim of helping to further its sustainability on three levels: environmental, social and economic.

Commitment 1: Foster the purchase of sustainable or environmentally-responsible goods (local, seasonal, with environmental certification, easily recyclable, compostable, etc.)

Commitment 2: Include social and environmental requirements in tender specifications for suppliers

Commitment 3: Prevent the generation of waste and foster reuse and sorting of any waste that may be generated

Commitment 4: Foster collective and sustainable mobility

Commitment 5: Promote responsible energy use and consumption practices

Commitment 6: Foster responsible practices for water use and consumption and for wastewater treatment

Commitment 7: Prevent noise pollution from sound and vibrations

Commitment 8: Avoid land pollution

Commitment 9: Show consideration for trees and green areas

Commitment 10: Avoid physical barriers to accessibility

Commitment 11: Estimate and offset the event’s carbon footprint

Commitment 12: Provide information and raise awareness to foster joint responsibility among everyone involved in the festival

Commitment 13: Promote responsible practices and attitudes during the festival

Commitment 14: Perform follow-up and assessment, and draft a Sustainability Management System Report

Come to LuzMadrid by public transport

Useful information for getting to LuzMadrid using public transport, helping to reduce the impact of the event:

Your responsibility helps us to be more sustainable

Please take care of the area where the festival is being held, showing consideration for trees, green areas, street furniture and Madrid’s wonderful cultural heritage.

Please keep the city clean. Use rubbish bins and sort your waste to make it easier to recycle it.

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