Madrid International Festival of Light

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27, 28 and 29 October
From 20 to 01h.

Praga Bridge
Madrid Río

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Physical accessibility will depend on the accessibility of the public road.

For reasons outside of the organisers’ control and due to the large turnout during certain parts of the show, actual physical accessibility conditions may differ from expected conditions.

Viewers are advised that the show contains flashing lights that may cause difficulties for photosensitive people. It is recommended that minors be accompanied by an adult.

HIPÓSTILA is a Photosonic essay beneath the Praga Bridge based on the spatial repetition of zenithal beams projected onto fog, inspired by the monumentalism of temples such as Karnak or Luxor, the great buildings of ancient Greece and the rhythmic columns of Gaudí, in dialogue with an electroacoustic piece specially created for the occasion by the collective ZA!
Created by María de la Cámara and Gabriel Paré, the work is based on a repetitive narrative, given that it follows patterns of renewal understood as the breaking of the constant, the seed of beauty and the unexpected.

This work has been created especially for LuzMadrid 2023

María de la Cámara and Gabriel Paré together form The two artists have been involved in the development of applied art in the field of space since the mid-1990s. Trained in the visual arts, theatre and architecture, their work is characterised by a constant search within the fields of space, light and the objects that occupy it, and by a transgressive attitude that entails placing oneself at the limits of para-theatricality.

A work by with sound by ZA!

Warning: The installation contains flashing lights that may bother photosensitive people. It is recommended that minors be accompanied by an adult.


Straddling the Manzanares River, the Praga Bridge links the districts of Arganzuela, Carabanchel and Usera. Its current reinforced concrete structure dates back to 1967, when it became the link between the city centre and the road to Toledo. In 2010, it was included in the work that created the Madrid Río Park, enabling foot traffic along its lower span, remodelling its entire environment and incorporating the Praga walkway across the river.


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