Madrid International Festival of Light

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Ángel Sevillano

27, 28 and 29 October
From 20 to 01h.

Matadero Madrid (inside).

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Por causas ajenas a la organización y debido a la gran afluencia de público en algunos momentos del espectáculo, las condiciones de accesibilidad física previstas pueden verse modificadas.

This edition of LuzMadrid includes a new programme called EMERGING LIGHTS, which aims to give visibility to young creators in an international environment, offering a window of opportunity to these budding lighting artists and designers.
The subject matter focuses on issues that concern them such as the climate and other more personal ones, such as the disquisitions of the mind, its motivations and longings, interior space as a vital experience and, of course, the pleasure of recreated light.
Curated by Julieta de Haro, Emerging Lights features Pablo Bordons Estrada’s light installation In-finity; Paula Cremades’ holographic installation entitled 0X1GEN0; Ángel Sevillano’s projection on the ground, Intervened Bodies; and the Galoguin y Atalanta collective who present an immersive light construction entitled Nostalgia for Distance.

Ángel Sevillano’s CUERPOS INTERVENIDOS (intervened bodies) is a video art installation that addresses the overexposure to images and the mental problems associated with the constant editing and alteration of the body.

Figures are laid out on the floor, inspired by the chalk figures that mark the location of a corpse at a crime scene. Videos of bodies modified by filters will be projected on them, highlighting the constant editing of the body in the online city.

A graduate in Fine Arts and Design from the Francisco de Vitoria University, Ángel Sevillano is particularly interested in researching Internet images and their impact on contemporary society. Of particular note are his exhibition at the Brand New Salon (2021) and his participation in the Mac Florencio de la Fuente residency (2022).



The Central de Diseño space is located in Matadero’s nave 17. Its mission is to disseminate, promote and develop the culture of design in its different manifestations and to make Madrid a reference city for international design. Its three main areas of activity are exhibitions and events, training, and the provision of services to designers and companies.

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