Madrid International Festival of Light

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LuzMadrid Conference

October 28th,  2023


Centro Cultural Lázaro Carreter


Elena Hernando Gonzalo

General Director of Cultural Heritage of the Madrid City Council

Graduated in Geography & History at the Complutense University of Madrid, Elena has been developed her career as official of the Higher Corps of Civil Administrators of the State since 1991, always linked to the field of culture: she has been Deputy General Director of Promotion of Fine Arts for the Ministry of Culture, she has been Managing Director of the Lázaro Galdiano Foundation and General Director of Cultural Heritage of the Community of Madrid until her appointment last June as General Director of Cultural Heritage of the Madrid City Council.

Ignacio Valero

Lighting Designer

Expert in lighting for architecture with extensive experience who understands lighting from a multidisciplinary point of view (environmental, technological, emotional, economic, architectural…) since the response to each specific lighting problem must evaluate and balance these inputs to be able to provide valid and integrable solutions to the global project. Specialties: Architectural lighting design, Specific natural light consulting, Design of bespoke luminaires. Director of MasterDIA for the ETSAM and founding partner of the APDI.

Remedios Vincent


Artist with an extensive experience in projects related to public space. She combines her performances in large installations around the world, almost always with light as a tool and from a critical vision, with intense socio-cultural work, collaborating with neighborhood initiatives and promoting the involvement of public entities in improving the urban landscape.



Considered one of the Spanish references of Graffiti, Urban Art and Muralism, he has developed his work on different fields: installation, video art, performance, set design…  and painting in motion, understood as a gesture and imprint of the body, where the boundaries between painting, performance and performing arts are torn down and new technologies get a leading role.

Vicente Porres

Industrial Designer

Founder of Noviembre Estudio. He defines himself as a problem-solving craftsman, passionate about challenges and an acid defender of criticism and humor. He has designed mass production products, strategic design, services, user experience, transportation, interiors or craft pieces. His products appear in museums and have been recognized with different national and international awards, such as the National Crafts Award, Silver Delta Award, Good Design Award, Elevator World or Elle Decor Young Designer Talent.

Delia Piccirilli

Curator LuzMadrid

With an extensive experience as artistic director of socio-cultural programmes and major events in the public space for institutions and foundations, which she has combined with her career as a visual artist, with exhibitions and works in collections such as the ICO Foundation, Tabacalera and the Martani Foundation (Bologna). She belongs to the faculty of the Master’s Degree in Cultural Project Management at La Fábrica.

Ricardo Morcillo

Lighting Designer

Architect from the University of Alicante, specialized in Lighting Design after graduating from the Hoogeschool Van Amsterdam. In his professional activity he combines his projects supporting the Culture of Light through conferences, research and teaching. He is a professor of light-art at the IED-Madrid and collaborates with other schools such as UPC, ESdesign and La Salle Ramón Llull. He is co-editor of Lightecture magazine and Senior Professional Member of APDI.

Eloi Maduell

Developer and Multimedia Artist

Computer Engineer, specialist in live audiovisual creation. For more than 10 years he has been exploring and researching the possibilities of digital creation. He is a founding member of Telenoika Cultural Association within the field of audiovisual arts and new communication technologies. Founder and co-director of Playmodes Studio, work that he has combined in recent years with his teaching activity on audiovisual techniques and advanced creation.

Juan Gómez-Cornejo

Lighting Designer

Long career professional who has combined technical direction with lighting design, to which he now dedicates himself completely. He has made lighting designs for all entertainment disciplines, theater, opera, dance, musicals and has collaborated with great directors and choreographers of the scene. His work has been recognized and awarded on many occasions, including the National Theater Award, for the first and only time to the figure of an illuminator. He was one of the founding members of the Association of Lighting Authors, of which he has been president for 8 years and currently advisor. He is a member of the Academy of Performing Arts. In recent years he has begun to combine his stage designs with some artistic installations.

Gemma Gallego Serrano

Public Lighting Service Manager at the Madrid City Council

Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, career civil servant of the Corps of Engineers of the Community of Madrid since 1998, when she began working in its Industry, Enery and Mining General Direction. She is head of the Lighting Service of the Madrid City Council since 2008.

Alexandra Eseverri


Founder and director of Asombras Company, specialized in theatre of shadows that has participated in the best national and international festivals in countries such as France, Italy, Portugal and China. Since 2001 she has investigated the plastic, expressive and educational language of light and shadow, exploring the connection between the material and the ethereal. Currently she combines the artistic direction of Asombras, the design of training proposals for Teatro de Sombras and the creation of luminaires with light, shadow and cut paper. She collaborates with numerous institutions such as the Thyssen Museum, the Matadero Madrid or the Círculo de Bellas Artes.

Lara Elbaz

Lighting Designer & Spokeswoman APDI

Lighting designer who combines her professional activity for permanent and ephemeral architectural spaces with an intense educational activity, participating in national and international workshops and conferences and teaching Lighting Design at IED Madrid, where she has directed the Master’s degree in Architectural Lighting Design, and at the UPC Barcelona. She has held the Presidency of the APDI Board of Directors from 2019 to 2021.

Daniel Canogar

Multimedia Artist

After his beginnings in the world of photography, he soon became interested in the possibilities of the projected image and artistic installations. He has created numerous permanent public art pieces with sculptural screens, monumental works, projections on emblematic monuments, various exhibition projects around the world, publications and essays on the architecture of the image, contemporary photography and new media art.

Coque Alcázar

Public Engineer

Industrial Engineer with more than twenty years of professional experience serving the Public Administration as an Engineer. Expert in sustainable urban lighting, he is the promoter of the Slowlight Initiative and co-founder and president of the Slowlight Association. Galicia Delegate of the Spanish Illumination Committee. ICOIIG Subdelegate A Coruña. Lecturer and expert communicator about public lighting and night landscape.

Guillermo Acero

Architect and Urban Planner

Architect and Urban Planner from the School of Architecture of Madrid. Founding partner of Paisaje Transversal, a comprehensive urban planning office that has been awarded at Arquia Próxima Innova 2016, at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2020 and at the Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennale 2021. Specialist in strategic planning at urban and territorial scale, he is also co-author of numerous academic articles and the books, like “Listening and transforming the city” (Los Libros de la Catarata) and “Comprehensive Urban Planning, learning from Europe” (Barcelona Provincial Council).

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