1st Edition of the Madrid International Festival of Light

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LuzMadrid Conference

October 30th,  2021


“La Serrería Belga” (former Medialab-Prado)


LuzMadrid Conference is co-organized by the Gral. Dir. of Cultural Heritage and APDI, with the collaboration of Madrid-Destino, LUCI and AAI. It is a tool to communicate and give greater visibility to LuzMadrid Festival itself, presenting several relevant artists such as Antoni Arola, Charles Sandison and Javier Riera and a number of participants related to the organization of these kind of big events, including the Administration itself and the Artistic Direction of LuzMadrid Festival. The presentations and round tables will offer the attendees different insights on the Culture of Light, complemented by the participation of architects, designers, artists, teachers, and experts in sustainability.

The General Direction of Cultural Heritage of the Madrid City Council coordinates the municipal activities that affect the Historical Heritage of the city, such as its restoration, protection, construction and conservation. It is also in charge of its promotion, research and the generation of content to spread the knowledge of the cultural heritage and landscape of the city of Madrid. www.patrimonioypaisajes.madrid.es

The Professional Association of Lighting Designers (APDI) is a platform that defends the Culture of Light, created to bring lighting designers together and promote their recognition and visibility in the field of architecture and urban planning. www.a-pdi.org

The Association of Lighting Authors (AAI) brings stage and audiovisual lighting designers together, seeking to increase their relevance and recognition within their sector. www.adadi.org

Public company Madrid-Destino develops the tourist promotion of the city through its main cultural, leisure, sports, business and touristic events, as well as the management of some of its most emblematic spaces. www.madrid-destino.com

LUCI Association (Lighting Urban Community International) is the international network of cities on urban lighting, bringing together over 70 member towns and cities worldwide that use light as a tool for social, cultural and economic development. It also includes over 55 associated members from the lighting industry, design agencies and research institutes. www.luciassociation.org




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