Madrid International Festival of Light

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29, 30 and 31 October
From 8pm to midnight

Plaza de la Villa
Calle del Codo

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With DATA, the artist SpY invites us to reflect on the way algorithms have very quickly penetrated various aspects of our lives. Through digital abstract art, the artist explores and interprets how predictive analytics use algorithms and artificial intelligence to the benefit of communication, research and medicine. On the other hand, he considers what happens when they are not used ethically and we are forced to forfeit our rights and our freedom.

SpY is an international urban artist whose work is undeniably defined by his careful attention to the context of each of his pieces and his constructive, non-invasive attitude. His artistic interventions form a unified whole with the spaces in which they inhabit, transforming locations into experiences. In making his art public for the benefit of all, he aims to engage and surprise passers-by, creating a space of connection and reflection.

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Plaza de la Villa: the former Plaza de San Salvador, this square is one of Madrid’s best-preserved collections of historical monuments. For over two centuries it has been the seat of the Madrid City Council and it is the original location of three small streets that were part of the city’s medieval design: Calle del Cordón, Calle de Madrid and Calle del Codo, with the latter the location of this vertical installation.

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