Madrid International Festival of Light

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Past editions/2021/The Path to Life

The Path to Life
Juanjo Llorens

29, 30 and 31 October
From 8pm to midnight

Façade of the Cibeles Palace

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In the aftermath of the events of this past year, and after so many shared, repressed and expressed emotions and feelings, Juanjo Llorens holds up a guiding light leading us towards Madrid’s nerve centre: its city hall and lighthouse of hope and life. And as the great lighting artist that he is, Llorens believes that it is light we are born from and light we return to.

This show can be perceived in two ways: subjectively, through the eyes of the artist himself, and through those of the onlooker. The former comprises an evocation, provocation, a fight to overcome what we cannot see, helplessness, tears cried by an entire population, triumph, setback, and a guiding light towards recovery.

The latter comprises a dazzling light show with no hidden connotations, no start or end. A show that transmits joy and beauty, that distracts us and takes us away from the events of the past year: light will always fight, it will never give up or go out, it will always find the way towards freedom.


Façade of the Cibeles Palace: the current seat of the Madrid City Council, this building is one of the first and most characteristic examples of modernismo in the centre of Madrid. Its façade takes inspiration from Neo-plateresque and Salamanca Baroque-style architecture. The building was designed by young architects Antonio Palacios and Joaquín Otamendi as the seat of the central post office and the headquarters of the national telegraph company. The decorative motifs on the façade are the work of sculptor Ángel García Día, who regularly collaborated with Antonio Palacios.

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