Madrid International Festival of Light

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Past editions/2021/Planum et Lumen

Planum et Lumen
Maxi Gilbert

29, 30 and 31 October
From 8pm to midnight

Buenavista Palace Gardens. Spanish Army Headquarters
Spanish Army Headquarters. Access calle Alcalá

Recorrido parcialmente accesible para personas en silla de ruedas y/o con movilidad reducida. El espacio cuenta con tramos empedrados y en pendiente que pueden dificultar la realización del recorrido en su totalidad.

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The name of this project, in Latin, is dedicated to the beautiful scientific names of species in the plant world. The concept behind this installation is underpinned by a respect for the planimetry or, in other words, the urban planning of the location where it is brought to life. Light projections above the heads of onlookers seek to create a sensorial experience. Throughout the entire exhibition, this light is accompanied by an abstract hum, attuned to the ways in which visitors interact with it.

Maxi Gilbert, light and set designer, is involved in a range of fields in the world of performance (theatre, fashion, music, festivals, mass events, etc.) and has extensive experience in visual arts.

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Buenavista Palace Gardens: these gardens, with a geometric French-style layout, are home to the palace and the current seat of the Spanish Army. This romantic, landscaped garden still conserves its original layout, including its curved flowerbeds and grand staircase. The grounds are also home to grand trees of many species, among which visitors will find some of the oldest and most unique in Madrid.

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