Madrid International Festival of Light

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Past editions/2021/Keyframes Street Stories

Keyframes Street Stories
Groupe Laps

29, 30 and 31 October
From 8pm to midnight

Conde Duque
Patio Norte

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This nocturnal artwork charms audiences with fleeting LED stick men that invade public spaces. Designed according to the decomposition of movement principle (chronophotography) and kinetics, these luminous characters are arranged in specific positions to recreate stories in programmed lighting sequences. Part animation and part moving sculpture, Keyframes Street Stories is a scripted visual show that, with great excitement, transforms the features of the building where it takes place. The accompanying sound design and music lends an ambience of humour and suspense to the installation.

Groupe Laps is an artist collective comprising designers, video makers and sound engineers. By pooling technology and artistic and technical know-how, the team create films, installations, multimedia devices, and more.


Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Conde Duque: el histórico Cuartel del Conde Duque, relevante edificio del siglo XVIII obra del arquitecto Pedro de Ribera, es hoy un gran espacio cultural metropolitano de más de 58.000 metros cuadrados dedicado a conservar, divulgar y acoger la memoria, la cultura y las muy diversas manifestaciones artísticas de Madrid.

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