Madrid International Festival of Light

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VJ yourself

October 27, 28 and 29
From 8pm to midnight

Lázaro Carreter Cultural Centre (TBC)

VJYourself! is a real-time interactive video-dance installation that generates timelines in the style of 19th century English photographer Eadweard Muybridge. The dancers dance with themselves in the past, repeated, composed and choreographed by timing and repetition effects using software developed by Playmodes Studio using OpenFrameworks.

Participants in the installation will be able to play with rhythm and timing and watch multiple copies of themselves as if they were in a music video.

Playmodes is an audiovisual research studio that works with custom and proprietary technologies. A mixture of creativity, software and hardware.

Eloi Maduell, a computer engineer specialising in live audiovisuals, and Santi Vilanova, a graphic designer and musician, develop interactive projects and are particularly interested in the intersection between the language of music and images.

Playmodes @playmodesstudio
Video music: Bump by Ramacod


The Fernando Lázaro Carreter Cultural Centre is located between Marqués de Vadillo and Plaza Elíptica. Named after the great scholar of our language, it offers a wide range of cultural and leisure activities and serves the citizens of the Carabanchel district through its exhibition room, its reading and study room, its auditorium and its classrooms in which all manner of activities take place.

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