Madrid International Festival of Light

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Past editions/2021/Metamorph – Portal

Metamorph – Portal
OTU Cinema

29, 30 and 31 October
From 8pm to midnight

Metrópolis Building
Calle Alcalá and Gran Vía

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Do other worlds exist?

Since time immemorial we have looked up at the stars and dreamt up infinite theories about the universe. Now, in 2021, a grand monolith is erected on Madrid’s Gran Vía Avenue, opening a window to the other side of the cosmos.
This enormous luminous structure towers over the city. An intergalactic gateway connecting us to another place in space and time. This majestic, apparently dormant object seems to hold life within, as though a chrysalis on the cusp of transformation.
From a distant world we know nothing of, this portal, rousing both doubt and expectation, opens to show us the other side, wreathed in a halo of mystery. But… what happens when the other side can also see into our world? When the other side can become human?

This piece by Óscar Testón (founder and CEO of Vjspain) is a gateway which attracts the attention of all those around it. We don’t know if its purpose on Earth is to share, or to alert, forewarn and caution. In a split second we glimpse what lies within. There’s something moving and banging on the walls. Metamorph – Portal eventually opens allowing us to observe the other side. And from that other side, we are also observed.


Metrópolis Building: built between 1907 and 1911, it was one of the first buildings on Gran Vía Avenue. Its eclectic French-like style and Renaissance-inspired architecture makes it one of Madrid’s most admired and characteristic structures. As spectacular as its façade, its ornately decorated interior is also noteworthy.

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