Fotografía 1ª Edición LuzMadrid Festival

Rosa Muñoz
The Glass Grove (Floresta de Cristal)

Technical specifications:
Length: 3’21”
Artist: Rosa Muñoz
Production of audiovisual content: Virginia Puertollano

In her work The Glass Grove, the artist Rosa Muñoz not only examines the value of architecture in an urban context, but also how it has evolved over the years and how it influences people. Muñoz is particularly interested in the reflection of the natural spaces that coexist inside and outside these constructions.

In order to create this projection, the artist draws on one of her earlier works, a fragmented narrative taken from a photographic study of semi-derelict buildings in Madrid which have gradually been taken over by vegetation. Situating herself inside these buildings, Muñoz sets out to create a dialogue with the outside world. By focusing her lens on the transparencies and reflections of materials that have allowed vegetation to take hold, she succeeds in capturing both architecture and nature. The result is a selection of segments that form interrelated, mirrored geometric figures, creating beautiful floral displays. Like infinite kaleidoscopes, these forms intertwine to create majestic stained glass windows that, true to their origins, aim to illuminate and communicate. In this way, the artist reflects on the sustainable relationship between territory, nature and architecture in defence of future humanising spaces.

With this hypnotic visual metaphor, the artist reconstructs the urban landscape and imbues it with dynamism and chromatic beauty. Julieta de Haro

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